Problems solved

Challenges solved with the solution

ShareDox can be used in many different scenarios, but our typical customer is usually looking for a solution to one (or more) of these problems:

1 Lack of organization

Lack of organization of digital assets (documents, images, data files etc) – are not organized, have no clear ownership, are being duplicated, are not maintained with a revision control system (no version history)

2Unable to find Assets

Unable to find assets when you need them - you know something exists, but you just can’t find it

3Drawn out review cycles

assets being sent via email can mean that the current status of the review is unknown and it causes issues when material needs to be reviewed by multiple people

4Ineffective communication

Ineffective communication between sales & marketing – marketing create assets, but sales people are unable to do their jobs because they don’t have ‘easy’ access to the latest materials