Digital Asset Management

Who and how are your marketing assets being used and just how effective are they really?

You spend lots of time and money creating brochures, mail-outs, flyers, presentations and images and other sales tools to help your sales force sell better. As budgets get tighter and the requests for new marketing campaigns keep coming, the phrase "do more with less" has become the norm, so Marketing is pressured to make the best decisions about how to spend their limited funds.

Despite all of the money spent on marketing materials, many salespeople don't take full advantage of them. Perhaps the materials aren't as useful to salespeople as was thought. Perhaps the salespeople just don't take the time to incorporate the materials into their customer calls. Perhaps there's a relationship between who is using the materials and who is having the best results. Sales executives would like to know.

Using ShareDox to manage your marketing assets provides you with real time usage statistics to let you instantly identify what’s hot and what’s not. It gives you details on download trends, highlighting which assets are really being used and identifying those users that selected and forwarded marketing materials most frequently. Out of the box statistics include, number of documents and formats (compound documents) available and published over a period; who authored/published how many documents; number and names of visitors, how many downloads took place; meta-type statistics; how user organizational relevance played a role, plus much, much more.

ShareDox can correlate the materials used most frequently with product sales to see which items have been most effective. Similarly, asset usage can be compared with individual sales reps or channel partners to see how having up to date information had an effect on sales performance. Armed with this information, Sales & Marketing can make better decisions about which materials should be produced and how their respective departments should work to be most effective.

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