Search and Retrieval

ShareDox uses a unique technology, which allows users to organize how they view documents and information around the structure and taxonomy of their business. These Shared Views combined with a comprehensive range of supporting features to give you a rich and rewarding environment to work in and ensures information is provided in a meaningful and business context fashion. ShareDox also supports the Verity K2 full-text search engine, which includes a range of sophisticated search features.

1 Shared Views

  • Are configurable views which enable information to organized into a meaningful structure
  • Once the Shared Views has been defined (takes less than one minute!) they are immediately accessible and organizing assets
  • Views can be rendered to the user in a number of styles:
    • Navigator View – displays views in a similar way to the directory structure found in Windows File Manager
    • Portal View – displays information in a portal – 2 dimensional style
Sharedox Shared View
An example of how Shared Views are displayed

2Media Viewer

  • Display images and documents in thumbnail view

2Search Engine

  • Supports natural language, Boolean, proximity, wildcard and fuzzy logic (sounds like)
  • Full text search (title, description, author name, filename and document body – most common formats are supported)
  • Search in title and description only
  • Author search
  • Advanced search – any combination of available search attributes, also in combination with full-text search
  • Optional Semantic Search
  • Very fast search / query performance

document optionFile Autoindexer (Optional)

  • Indexing spider program
  • Automatic indexing of a shared drive which is made available via the FileAdapter.
  • Configurable directory profiling and filtering
  • Batch mode execution