Instant Previews

ShareDox creates different thumbnail images of the digital assets you upload. These images are used within the various different views which are available in ShareDox and can be scaled to suit the amount of screen ‘real-estate’ you have available.

Mosaic View of picturesDocument PreviewsList ViewView of pageflow

2 Instant Previews

ShareDox automatically creates thumbnails and resizable previews of many different file formats – including PDF, EPS, JPG, MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more.

2See the whole file

ShareDox creates images of each page of the document you upload. The high resolution allows you to read most pages directly on the screen.

2High Resolution

ShareDox let’s you browse your images and documents quickly and easily. The high resolutions makes it possible to really work with your assets without having to download everything to your computer.

2Tile | List | Page Flow

ShareDox provides different options to list your assets – so you can always find what you’re looking for, quickly and easily.