Digital Asset Management (DAM)

ShareDox digital asset management features cover a comprehensive range of functionality that is required for publishing, managing and maintaining assets at the enterprise level.

DocumentDocument Authoring/Maintenance

  • Add, modify and multi-delete documents (based on document ownership and capability)
  • Create compound documents - multiple document formats which can be viewed as a single object in the system
  • Clone Document – makes an exact copy of all the attributes of a document Support for WebDAV Editing and version control

DocumentDocument Revision Control

  • Automatic creation of document revisions following any modification to the contents of a document (integrated with WebDAV).
  • Restore a previous revision of a document
  • Define how many versions of a document should be maintained
  • Revision control for Upload Client

DocumentDocument Service Features

  • Book-marking a document by selecting as “My Favorites”
  • Ranking of documents (1-5 – Current average rank is always displayed)
  • Send email feedback to document author
  • Ability to link documents together within ShareDox

DocumentEmail Features

  • Mail me the document
  • Mail the document to any email address

DocumentMore Document Information

  • Document properties (meta-data)
  • File size and approx. download time
  • File name
  • Create, modify and publication date
  • Download count
  • Access to document link information

DocumentExpress Download

  • Collect documents in the ‘Express Download Basket’ and have those documents downloaded or emailed to you as a compressed (zip) file. Saving time and storage space.

DocumentDocument Publication

  • Documents can be automatically published by dragging a document onto one of the pre-defined templates
  • Creation of a designated (default) publisher for users who only have document authoring capability
  • Publish documents to different user communities - Publishing workflow (author creates /publishes, signs off document and releases for general availability
  • Time-phased publication – ability to publish documents to different user communities on different dates
  • Configurable email notification as publisher, so that an email is issued each time a document is submitted for publication
  • ‘My Publications’ displays all documents which have been published by me. Allows documents to be organized into user definable folder structure for easy maintenance.
  • “My Pending Publications’ displays all documents which have been assigned to me for publication

Document“What’s New For Me”

  • User personalization and subscription feature. Allows users to subscribe to different types of information in combination with specific attributes.
  • ‘What’s New’ subscriptions are totally configurable and can be received via a standard window or via a daily email.

DocumentDocument Administration

  • Re-assign document and publisher ownership
  • Un-delete a document which has been manually or automatically deleted (expired)