The financial ROI achieved with ShareDox depends on many factors, such as which processes have been replaced or improved, the amount of information being managed and the number of users involved – but in general, companies who implement a ShareDox solution can expect the following benefits and results:

Fully Featured Solution - everything's included

ShareDox easy-to-use software provides a centralised virtual globally accessible digital asset management repository, sales channel support, marketing automation and sophisticated usage reporting in one simple to use solution. ShareDox has sophisticated features usually only found in the largest Enterprise applications.

No Special Software – just a browser

ShareDox is a web-based Software as a Service (SaaS) you only require a web browser to use it – it’s simple.

Hosted Service – you decide!

ShareDox is available as a fully hosted service – which means that if you so choose, you can leave the IT installation and management to us and you don’t need to invest in any hardware. Your ShareDox application is available 24x7 from anywhere in the world.

Rapid Deployment – for rapid results

ShareDox can be easily installed and is initially configured with the default settings which most marketing departments need – enabling you to be up and running with ShareDox in hours, not weeks and months!


Scalability – ready when you are

ShareDox is being used by small teams of just a dozen users up to 1000’s of users by some of the largest companies in the world. Whether you are just serving your internal marketing department or you have 100’s of partners with 1000’s of employees all over the world, ShareDox can meet the challenge.

Safe and Secure – for peace of mind

ShareDox uses sophisticated rights management features to ensure that the right users have access to the right information. Using the unique business modelling features, it’s easy to setup even complex business rules for who should receive what information.

Excellent Value – for measurable ROI

ShareDox is available for a low monthly fee which includes maintenance and all updates and upgrades of the software. If you want to purchase the software and host it on your own servers in house –this is not a problem.