What's special about ShareDox?

"To understand what's so special about ShareDox - you need to understand what’s special about your company"

What's so special about your company?

More than 80% of all data generated in an enterprise is unstructured information. This encompasses emails, word documents, paper documents, images, web pages, project plans, video and hundreds of additional formats. Unfortunately, attempts to leverage this immense and strategic resource often fail because many businesses lack the requisite technology to understand and effectively utilize content that resides outside the scope of structured databases. At the same time, the bulk of business operations generate even more unstructured processes and unstructured information - simply adding to the problem.

This mass of unstructured information defines your company and the services you provide - it's at the core of what makes your company special.

ShareDox - a different approach

The commodity which makes ShareDox so special is that it is able to transform the unstructured information in your company, so that it becomes :

ShareDox enables an information infrastructure platform that addresses all classes of information in a manner analogous to well established methods for structured databases. Similar to the Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) that revolutionized the computing industry in the 1960s, ShareDox transforms unstructured and/or semi-structured information into a usable, meaningful global relational index (Taxonomy) - we access extract information from the taxonomy via VORTEX (Virtual Object Repository).