A real difference

So, you're looking for a solution to manage your digital assets, documents, images - whatever. You're overwhelmed with how many solutions are out there - each promising the same array of features - so which one do you choose - and just what makes ShareDox different to all the rest.

At the heart of ShareDox, we have a technology which is truly unique - this technology addresses two critical challenges which each and every company has to face and deal with.

The first challenge needs to be addressed immediately – and our ability to deal with this challenge will determine the ultimate success or failure of your whole Digital Asset Management initiative:

1 Individuality

The aggregate of qualities and characteristics that distinguish your company from all others. This individuality or uniqueness defines the information assets you want to manage, how you want to organize them and how you want them made available to others. Your uniqueness as a company requires that the information structures you rely on for your business needs to be just as unique, flexible and individual as your business and employees demand.

The second challenge will affect your business again and again and must be addressed sooner or later in the future:


Change is inevitable in business, it is one of the only things that we can invariably rely on! When change occurs, it will affect your company in different ways, which are often difficult to see and anticipate. Almost all business change affects how your information assets need to be organized and distributed e.g. product lines combine, market segments change, channels re-structure, regionalization occurs and business rules which determined who sees’ what, when and where are re-defined.