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What is Digital Asset Management?

“In the term ‘Digital Asset Management,’ the most important word is ‘Asset’ - “What’s an asset? - any piece of content that has true value to your company. It could have intellectual value, it could have financial value or historical value.

How long does it take to get a ShareDox solution implemented?

The length of time to implement a solution like ShareDox really depends on the scale of what you’re trying to achieve i.e. number of documents, complexity of taxonomy, number of users involved etc. A typical solution can usually take somewhere between several days and several weeks to implement.

What do I need to run ShareDox?

All you need is an internet connection and a modern web browser. You will need to accept a Java web applet (click one box) and you will need JavaScript turned on. ShareDox supports Firefox and Internet Explorer 6 or later.

What types of digital asset does ShareDox support?

ShareDox can support any type of digital asset within its repository.

What is MetaData and how does it benefit me?

Meta data literally means "data about data". In our context meta data refers to the data which describes a digital asset, such as the title, description, when the item was created and who created it. ShareDox has extended the usage of meta data to also include the business relevance of the asset. This meta data is associated with the business taxonomy and provides us with the context of the asset within our business. This enables us to associate assets with products, customer projects, organizational elements, suppliers and quite simply anything/anyone which we care to describe within our business taxonomy.

This allows us to achieve a number of significant benefits, such as

What is a taxonomy and why does it benefit me?

The frustration users experience at the hands of ineffectual keyword search engines is well known. ShareDox offers a unique approach using an asset classification scheme, or 'taxonomy,' built around your specific products, markets, competitors and business language. When assets are stored into ShareDox, they are tagged by the author as being relevant to specific meta-data. Users can then rapidly find all content by specifying and cross-referencing relevant, company-specific topics.

Which search features are available?

ShareDox offers full text search capabilities – which allow us to be able to search on document 'metadata' (such as the title and description) and ‘full text’. Full text means that every word of every document - whether it be in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, or any number of other formats - is indexed and included in every search.

What is 'Asset Lifecycle Management'?

One well-known problem with many information repositories is the tendency for content to become stale, and for marginally useful content to proliferate to a degree that makes finding valuable information extremely difficult. Through the use of expiration dates, usage thresholds, and ratings data, ShareDox can be configured to automatically remove and archives out-of-date, unused and low value content. As a result, the 'lifecycle' of every asset is properly monitored and managed.

How is ShareDox priced?

ShareDox has different pricing options to suit your individual needs. We offer monthly pay as you go subscription pricing, which can include hosting and/or support – and we also provide a server based license, which is calculated based on the number of client seats you would like to use with ShareDox. Please contact us for more information.