Media & Agencies

ShareDox will provide you with a sophisticated platform which differentiates you you’re your competition and supports you to make knowledge your competitive advantage in the media industry.

ShareDox can help your company achieve the following benefits:

Improve competitive advantage through company wide knowledge sharing

Knowledge is power. If you are trying to win a client who is already on your firms books in another country, then sharing client information can really give you the edge against the competition. In the world of media, empowering employees with organizational knowledge can be the difference between winning and losing an important pitch.

ShareDox will maintain all the project history and information within the context of that client, so that it’s simple to get a detailed picture. This enables you to easily draw on previous campaigns to help position clients more effectively and rapidly. Having the complete picture, ensures that the service is more focused every time. Project 'templates', ideas that went down well (and those that didn't) and market analyses are all available as resources.

ShareDox can help you to seize every potential advantage. Your companies’ competitive edge could be the speed at which you are able to deliver your creative concepts. Applying a more collaborative approach to managing customer projects or just ensuring that everyone within your organization is able to tap into all the creative collateral you have available.
Instead of delivering a satisfactory service, ShareDox enables you to make the most of your business knowledge to deliver an outstanding service.


documentImprove interaction with customers

ShareDox enables sales and channel partners to rapidly access the information they need, when they need it.

Business relationships are often built around the knowledge you have of your customers. By turning this knowledge into a useable asset within ShareDox, it ensures that your customers benefit from it every time they contact you.

Each element of a project, from email, artwork to final artifacts can be archived and made readily accessible to all those who might need the information. Furthermore, all information is stored in the digital format in which it was created. The web based interface makes publishing all types of files on the system simple and straightforward.

documentGive your clients an individual, branded ShareDox experience

ShareDox portal can easily be customized in terms of design, navigation, use of logos and specific content to ensure a unique and valuable customer experience.

Client expectations are increasing, which makes it more of a challenge for agencies to stand out from the crowd and differentiate themselves from other firms.

ShareDox can make your service truly distinctive, as it provides individualized interfaces to allow you to collaborate with your clients. In addition to offering an efficient, professional method of information sharing and creative delivery.