ShareDox will help you increase your marketing agility, speed up development cycles, and deliver up-to-date product information to sales partners and customers – and beat the competition to market!

ShareDox can help your company achieve the following benefits:

The race is on to get products to market ahead of the competition. And this requires that all members of your distributed teams e.g. designers, production managers, procurement agents, suppliers, contract managers and sales forces all play their part.

ShareDox can enable every team member to access the product/project information they need wherever and whenever they need it. Assets are protected in a secure, password-protected environment. Version control and granular access rights prevent unauthorized or multiple edits and guarantee that users always receive the most up- to-date version of documents.

The problem is that the team is disconnected. Design and production take place on different sites. Components are outsourced. And sales forces are scattered around the world. What is needed is a secure, cost-effective way of sharing digital assets between departments, organizations and time zones.

Although ShareDox manages all your information in a single environment, everything is stored according to role-based access rights. Each time a digital asset is created the author controls the level of access applicable to it – controlling the level of access can be configured to your individual business needs, because each business is truly unique in this area. Only users with the correct authorization can access the documentation.


documentSales & Marketing Advantages

ShareDox enables sales and channel partners to rapidly access the information they need, when they need it.

Sales & marketing can benefit by providing internal and external employees with around-the-clock access to documentation. Users are automatically notified as soon as they login to ShareDox and also by email (configurable) when new information which is relevant for them is made available. When products need to reach the market quickly, it is critical to know when new product information, such as sales literature, e-learning information and price lists is available.