Life Sciences

Pharmaceutical, biotechs and other companies with-in the Life Sciences field are all facing similar challenges today - how to get products to market faster and cheaper, while remaining compliant with strict regulatory demands. Failing to comply can lead to FDA regulatory actions and possible delays in bringing products to market.

Meeting these challenges requires organizations to improve the communication and processes driving the research, development, manufacture, and marketing of new drugs, equipment and procedures.

ShareDox addresses these issues and can help your company with the following:

documentSales & Marketing Advantages

ShareDox allows organizations to collaboratively develop, approve and distribute press releases, graphics, product documentation, and other material supporting a product's introduction, while also ensuring that the sales force has the tools and knowledge to effectively sell.
Marketing a new product involves a wide variety of resources, including creative, legal, technical, sales and other staff. Smooth communication among these groups is crucial to a successful product launch. Widely dispersed sales channels may also need to be trained on how best to position, sell and support a new product.